The Mama Tea Episode 2: Happy All Black Everything Month

The Mama Tea Episode 2: Happy All Black Everything Month

aka Black History Month. In this episode we talk about how we’re feeling during this blackest of black black history month. Mind you we recorded this just days before the unveiling of the latest portraits of our forever President and First Lady. We also share what our hopes for our children as they grow up black and proud.


LaShawn started the month with a bang when she shared           50 Black Instagram Influencers you should follow right now.

And if that wasn’t enough, check out all the goodness that is black photographers on LaShawn’s Everyday Eye Candy Facebook page all month long!

Everyone needs this book…

Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History.

It’s perfect for story time with your sons and daughters. And perfect for moms to discuss. It’s simply perfect.

FARE of the free child, a great podcast for black parents interested in homeschooling with a strong interest in unschooling. Worth a listen even if you children attend “traditional” school.

Black Panther is about to hit theaters this weekend. What will you be wearing?


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